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Little League is back


It’s here little league season has once again crept up on us.

It’s time for me to obsess over what to wear to the ball field each week, because God forbid I show up to a game wearing the opposing teams colors.  This season we have two ball players which means double the fun, endless hours on a ball field,and late nights trying to get red sand out of white pants.

little league


I can honestly say I may be more excited about this little league season than my husband and three boys.  I have never been a huge sports fan, but cheering on your kids is a different story.  As if I don’t have enough on my plate between, homeschool, blog deadlines, three meals a day for a family of 5 , housework…the list goes on, and on, and on.  I am taking on the role as Tee ball team manager for my little guy.  He is finally 4 (and has been begging to get on the field since he was two).  BJ has worn cleats and baseball pants to  every one of his big brothers practices and games for the past two years.  Not to mention he drags around a baseball bag and gets in the dugout waiting for someone to throw him a ball.  He has been dreaming of being on his own little league  team, so signing him up was a no brainer.

Little League 2012

little league

I am insanely passionate about volunteering, it’s in my blood.   I love every moment of working for free… seriously I do.  I love to be apart of their activities as long as they will let me.  And little league, Tee ball I mean how hard can it be?  If I can get 12 kids to run the bases the right way and hit off a tee, I think we will be ok.

Here’s to a great season of dinners on the go, meltdowns from five year olds, dragging around a two year old and lots of memories.
I’ll leave you with a video AJ made of his 2012 little league season.  A mesh of  highlights of himself from the three teams he played with last season and summer, one of his homeschool projects this year he is very proud of.

Little League here we come.

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