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Little switches that make a difference

Have you ever changed something minor that makes a big difference.  We all know it’s the little things in life that matter.  I thought long and hard about what little switches I could do to make a BIG difference in my life.  I have never really given much thought to how a few little switches are big differences waiting to happen.
I am a mother to three amazing boys and a wife to one amazing husband.  And just writing that sentence gets me thinking do they know how special and amazing I know they are.  Sure I put these four amazing human beings on a pedestal in my blog and thoughts.  But if it came down to it do they really know how I really feel.  A little switch here and there can make a big impression on these guys. My husband for one gets the least attention from me.  Like I said, I am the mother to not one but three boys.  He doesn’t go unnoticed, but he does get the tired worn down wife who almost always falls asleep the second my boys are in bed.  He doesn’t ask for much from me, but when he does ask me to do him a favor.  I must admit I usually don’t jump with eager.  Actually I usually say sure and forget to do it all together.  How terrible of me, a little switch in making his requests part of my written “to do list” would go a long way.  A switch in putting the boys to bed an hour earlier twice a month would definitely give us more alone time.  I can already see a movie night that is not pg in my near future.  Reminding my children daily how special they are to me and letting them know that I am a proud mom no matter what is a daily task I plan to include in my nightly routine.
 My boys get most of my attention, most of my time, and all of my energy.  Probably not the best for my husband and my relationship, but a few little switches will definitely bring us closer together.   And as for my boys even though they know I love them and my life revolves around them it is my duty as a mom to share my thoughts and let them know how I feel for them daily.  I am ready to make the little switches and make a big difference, are you?

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