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Live for the Moment you are Blessed to Have

Remember that you are given this life, it is not owed to you.

Live life believing, forgiving and loving.


I watched my sweet grandmother go to heaven yesterday.  I prayed as she took her last breaths; that she would grow wings and  peacefully reunite with her parents and husband.  I watched as her sisters, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great grandchildren and family friends all said their goodbyes.  My body went numb the moment I saw her in distress.  The strong, brave woman I knew my whole life was not immortal but fighting in her last moments.  I cry for the moments that would be no more and only memories I have of her.  I watched my father kiss his mom goodbye and only wished somehow I could take his pain away.  I find peace in knowing that she is not suffering as she had most of her adult life.  I am thankful for the family she left behind, each of us holds a piece of her within them.


Kiss your loved ones, we are not guaranteed anything but this moment now.


I love you Grandma Rueda.  Until we meet again…




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