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Mason Jar Cupcakes On The Go Birthday Gifts

Mason Jar Cupcakes

Mason Jar Cupcakes fun for on the go.  Take on a picnic to the park.

I have merged two of my favorites right now, to make mason jar cupcakes.  Really, I have never been so excited to pass something on for no reason at all.   And taking dessert on the go has never been easier or more fun.  Mason jar cupcakes are perfect for taking on a picnic.  I am inclined to head to the duck pond with a surprise lunch  and a special treat of cupcakes in a jar.

Mason Jar Cupcakes

Pay it forward with cupcakes in a jar.  The perfect just because gift.  Mason Jar and cupcake love.

Leave just because mason jar cupcakes for a co-worker.  Leave a note for the perfect thank you or congratulations.

Happy Birthday Mason Jar Cupcakes

Cupcake in a jar! The perfect birthday sprinkle cupcakes! Mason Jar and cupcake love.


A special birthday, deserves cupcakes.  Send your child’s teacher a mason cupcake jar.  Curly ribbon, a note, and a single candle tied to the side is perfect for that special teacher.

I have been buying mason jars like crazy.  The 8 oz. jars are perfect for single cupcakes and the 16 oz. size a great for double cupcakes.

I make good ol’ fashion yellow cake mix from a box and add in pudding packets for the best moist cupcakes you will ever eat.  If you have been reading last month I posted about my favorite box cake recipe and how I love to get away with box cakes and cupcakes.  If you have a favorite from scratch cake recipe this is a fun way to incorporate it too.  Bake your cupcakes, once the cupcakes have completely cooled peel liners off of the cupcakes you will use in your mason jars.  Take an icing decorator and put a layer at the bottom of your jar.  Layer your cupcakes and icing in the mason jar.  Add a fun topping like chocolate, sprinkles or a sliced strawberry.  Put a lid on it, add a fun scrapbook die cut, a note and they are ready for send off.

Fun, easy and totally yummy mason jar cupcakes.

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17 thoughts on “Mason Jar Cupcakes On The Go Birthday Gifts

  1. Love these cute ideas! I was actually thinking of doing these for the next birthday party instead of serving the cake right there. We usually rent a bouncy activity center and the kids just want to play, this way they could take their cake home with them. …and parents or siblings could get one, too!

  2. Great idea! I can’t wait to make these for my daughter’s teachers. They look delicious and using a pudding packet is genius 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a great idea!

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