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May is Mental Health Awareness Month #Maynicures #1in5Minds

May is Mental Health Awareness Month #Maynicures

This post has been sponsored by Clarity Child Guidance Center.

Happy May and Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Kids are a big part of who I am. I knew from a very young age that I wanted a big family. When my husband and I first got married I dropped the bomb on him that I wanted A LOT of kids. Funny conversation to bring up after you’re married right? Luckily for me he didn’t seem put off by my idea and welcomed the challenge. Four kids later and I know that my life’s work is not only to raise babies, but to be a child advocate. Our voices as moms matter and we need to break the stigma of turning a blind eye and shushing topics that are crucial in children’s health. Not just our own children, but breaking that stereotype that you can’t talk about mental health may just save a child’s life. As we enter Mental Health Awareness Month I want to encourage you to learn the facts and join me in talking about mental illness.

Join me for #Maynicures

Miesha and I attended the #Maynicures event with Clarity Child Guidance Center to kick off the month of May One in Five Minds about campaign. The #Maynicures event encourages everyone to paint four fingernails one color and one fingernail a different color to spread the message that 1 in 5 children suffers from mental illness. Take pictures of your #Maynicures and share them on social media. Challenge everyone you know to join you and use that hashtag to keep the momentum going. It’s that easy to start that conversation on 1 in 5 and mental illness. 

mini-maynicures at the #Maynicures event 
The event included mini-maynicures featuring Kendra Scott nail colors.

Kendra Scott pop up at #Maynicures

1 in 5 children suffers from mental illness.

That’s 80,000 children in Bexar County alone! Only 1 in 5 of those children actually receives treatment.

One in five minds

Join me during the month of May for Maynicures by painting your nails and sharing photos on social media with the hashtag: #Maynicures.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer, entrepreneur and business owner. She built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms. Michelle is in her fifth year of homeschooling her 4 kids with her husband right outside of San Antonio, Texas. Instagram, twitter and facebook.

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26 thoughts on “May is Mental Health Awareness Month #Maynicures #1in5Minds

  1. It’s so important to recognize the importance of talking about mental illness and getting help for those who need it. There is still far too much stigma attached to it.

  2. I think Maynicures is such a great way to bring about awareness of how important mental health is in our society. I know a few people who suffer for various forms of mental health issues, and it is key to be diagnosed to get the treatment needed.

  3. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month to everyone. I think it is so important to talk about Mental Health. So many people are affected by it yet it is so taboo to talk about it. We need to change this.

  4. I honestly didn’t know the statistic about children. I believe I was 1 of the 5 as a kid, and I’m all about speaking up about it!

  5. I love that mental health is starting to get more recognition. I have a few issues and I am glad things are finally being brought to the light.

  6. There is so much negative stigma about mental illness which makes it tough for people to want to acknowledge they have an issue with it. So important to recognize that it is a medical condition like diabetes or some other illness that needs to be treated rather than looked down upon. Good for you about setting a positive message on the topic.

  7. I think this is a very important month. I love that there are great ways like this to get the word out too. Not many people know much about mental health, so I’m glad you’re sharing this.

  8. I wish that more people wouldn’t judge people with mental illnesses problems even children. When I was a young adult, I had a conversation with my mom about my depression. She told me to just get over it. She just didn’t understand that it was an illnes and not something I could just turn on and off.

  9. It is so hard to think of a child possibly being depressed, which I am sure is why it gets over looked. We need to continue to be more aware! Thank you for bringing light to this topic!

  10. Mental health problems are more common than most people realize. Better mental health awareness can benefits millions of Americans. Yet people too often frown upon the idea of seeking out mental health services.

  11. I have no idea about mental health awareness so thank you for raising it. It’s an important issue and I think that you are doing a great thing by sharing it here.

  12. I did not know about the Maynicures. I saw a few people with different colored manicures, but I had no idea what it meant. Thank you for sharing.

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