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Which Kid in your Life is Fighting Hunger? #NoKidHungry

Moms Fighting Hunger

It’s true you most likely know a child or children that live in a household that is struggling to put food on the table.  As a matter of fact more than 16 million kids live in a household that struggles daily.  That’s a national crisis that puts 1 in 5 American children in our country with the threat and sad but true; empty bellies.
Being a member of society comes with duties,  heck being a human being comes with duties.  Being a mom, friend, community member or just simply a person who breathes air gives you the authority to make a difference.  Make a conscious human being effort to make a change in our society.

The month of September is coming to a close and if you didn’t know it (now you do) it’s Hunger Awareness Month.

Myself and other moms around the world are fighting for a change in Moms Fighting Hunger.  It doesn’t have to start and end with us, either.


Want to make that difference I was talking about?

Start by going the No Kid Hungry site, enter your zip code and see where you can donate or simply dine out to give back.

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