Mooshu Trainers Review and Giveaway ends 11/22 @12:01am

My favorite baby milestone is putting my baby in their first pair of walking shoes and watching them work so hard to take their first step.  It is a bitter sweet moment to watch your little one go from baby to toddler.  I am thrilled that I ran  across Mooshu Trainers and was given  the opportunity to review and giveaway a pair to (1) ATD Surviving MommyHood reader.

I was sent these two adorable pairs of Mooshu Trainers for review.

Baby feet are mostly all the same wide, thick and of course perfect.  I haven’t met a baby that didn’t own chubby little tootsies.  Mooshu trainers are made with a babies foot in mind, without sacrificing style.  The leather shoes are extremely well made with the trendiest line I have found yet.  The coolest part about Mooshu’s is the squeaker perfectly placed in the heel of the shoe.  The squeaker will squeak when the heel to toe motion is made with the foot.  Awesome, a shoe that encourages proper walking by squeaking.  This shoe will surely get your little one stepping in no time.

Enter to Win (1) Pair of Size 4 Silver Mooshu Trainers below.

Mooshu Trainers run slightly big.  Approx fits 6-12 months+

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