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Mosquitoes pass viruses…ewww!!

We ended up in  the emergency room Easter Sunday.  Little dude had a rough weekend.  It seems my boys only get sick on weekends.  It all started Thursday afternoon when DJ was bit by mosquito’s.   He had 4 bites on his forehead alone. We had no idea that he was being bitten up.  He slept in his stroller while my middle son played on the playground.  There where five of us out there and only he was bit.  Once we realized he was bitten so many times we left.  I gave him a bath and applied ointment on his bites. The next morning he seemed fine.  Forward 24 hours later and little guy seemed to be developing a rash around the bites and a low grade fever.  I called his pediatrician who recommended benadryl, monitoring the fever and keeping an eye out for other behaviors like stiff neck and trouble breathing.

We kept a close eye on him and Easter morning woke up to a very cranky baby running a high fever, I immediately gave him a bath and realized how bad the rash had turned.  He was covered from head to toe in puss filled bumps.  We took him to the er just to be safe.  It turns out the mosquito(s) that bit him passed on a virus to him.  That unknown virus also caused DJ to get pharyngitis.  We don’t know exactly what virus was passed on to him, but we do know it has to run it’s course and will pass.  My boys will not go outside without protection from those blood suckers again.

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