Trending Tuesday: Music Playlist Sol Republic

Trending Tuesday: Music Playlist Sol Republic

There are not many times in a day that I am able to clear my mind.  Rarely do I have quiet car rides, relaxing long showers, or slow evenings.  My life is filled with a little chaos and busy preschoolers.

Disclosure: Thanks to Sol Republic for providing product.  All thoughts expressed are my own. 

When I am able shut it all down and zone out, I look to Sol Republic Master Tracks.  These Over-Ear headphones will immerse you in a concert like experience.  Not overly bulky and the most comfortable headphones I have ever had.  The noise isolation of the speaker pads is amazing.  I can listen as low or loud as I want without hearing outside noise and anyone hearing what I am hearing.  The entire headphone comes apart and the headband can interchange for a more stylish pair.  The headband is made to withstand destruction, bend them, smash them, throw them in a bag, they are virtually indestructible.  The headphones also work seamlessly with my Cricket Galaxy Android, paired with Sol Republics 3-button mic and music control I can easily take calls and get back to my music faster.

Trending Tuesday: Music






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