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My Classic Family Recipe

My all time favorite activity to do with my family is getting them in the kitchen with me.  It is way more enjoyable to have company when I cook in the kitchen.  The kitchen is a great place for my family to bond.  I spend endless hours in my kitchen daily and have finally found a favorite meal my entire family loves and looks forward to weekly. Not only does my entire family enjoy pizza night but they enjoy it more so when it is their turn to chip in.  A homemade slice of pizza paired with a tall glass of Coca-Cola is our families all time favorite meal.  
My family can always agree on one thing, pizza.  I love anything homemade. So that’s where our weekly homemade pizza night came to play many years ago.  Whoever helps in the kitchen gets to choose the toppings and I love knowing exactly what is going into our bellies.
The ingredients…

1 Ready to bake pizza dough (I find this in the freezer section)
4 Cups Cheese shredded I do a pizza blend & Mozzarella (we love plenty of cheese)
1/2 Cup traditional pizza sauce
Pepperoni Slices (or your favorite toppings)
Mushroom Slices (or your favorite toppings)
1 Cup flour (to roll out dough)

A cooking lesson easy enough for anyone.  My oldest loves getting in on the action and almost always is the designated pizza roller.

(He’s going to make an amazing husband one day.)

This simple recipe requires only a few steps to create yummy goodness. We start by lightly spreading flour on the clean surface we will roll out the dough. I also dust the pin roller.  Next roll out the dough nice and evenly.  spread enough sauce to cover pizza up to half an inch to crust. Pile on cheese and add all of your favorite toppings.  And last baking your creation in the oven.  Easy peasy




My family of five all enjoy a homemade pizza and a tall glass of Coca-Cola. The perfect pair.  Pizza night has turned into my secret weapon for bonding with my family especially my oldest, who is growing up to fast. They enjoy pizza and coke more than anything. And I enjoy the extra time with my family more than anything.  It’s definitely a win, win for us all.   The memories we make our priceless and I can’t argue with that.






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