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My First Collection Vol. 4 ages 2-6 DVD Set Review

I first read Robot Zot! when my 3 year old picked it up at the library.  The illustrations are irresistible.  From a perspective of reading it, I had a hard time getting into character and speaking like a robot.  My three year old thought I did a fine job and this was our nightly read for two weeks straight.  I am thrilled that Scholastic  released a new DVD set collection that features Robot Zot!.  Perfectly mastered to entertain and indulge your toddlers.  We found this DVD to be quite the entertainment.  Our favorite is  The Read-Along feature which can be set on each story.  The boys seem to be partial to “Too Many Toys” DVD.  The illustrations really keep them interested and into the entire DVD set.  They could keep going and going with this collection.


My First Collection Volume 4  is designed to engage children ages 2-6 years old.

Including 3 DVD’s with features from



107 minutes + feature

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