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My toddler was bullied

This afternoon BJ (my two year old) had an appointment at a doctor’s office we hadn’t been to before.  He’s been having issues with iron deficiency.  AJ and DJ also came along for support, of course 🙂  This office had a separate play area for the kids with a glass partition.  I really hate for my kids to play with communal toys and play areas especially in a Doctors office.   All I think of are germs and sick kids wiping there snotty hands all over those play rooms.

On to my story, there were two other kids playing in the area.  A girl about one  and a boy maybe 3’ish.  I reluctantly let BJ walk in there and as soon as he did the boy pushed BJ and covered the box of toys.  I immediately stood up  looked at the mom who did nothing (I’m actually not sure she was even watching her kids).  I walked in there and told the boy not to push him again, I asked BJ if he was okay, he smiled and started playing.  I had to get up two other times and tell him not to take toys away from BJ.  This mother didn’t even know what was going on, she never even looked up to check on her children.  I was pretty furious by the third incident.  When the receptionist called me to the counter I loudly told her I needed to get my son, because he keeps getting bullied in there.  Finally the boys mother told her son “he needed to behave”.  That just made me more upset, but obviously the parenting was the issue not the kid. Even the receptionist looked at me with a I’m sorry face.  Thank goodness they where called back and my kiddo got to play without being hassled by a bigger kid.   My oldest AJ couldn’t believe the kid was being so mean.  I had to remind him that any kid will push the limits of their own parent doesn’t give them direction.

This makes me very aware that bullying at any age is an issue, and I definitely believe it starts with parenting.  On our trip home I made it a point to talk to BJ about not letting anyone put their hands on him.  He needed to tell me, my husband, his brother, or another adult if anyone ever was mean, touched or hit him.  He is still very little, but obviously no to little to be a target of bullying.   I also let my ten year old know that it is never okay to not step in or tell another adult.  AJ is not confrontational and would rather not be in a situation than stop it.  I told him if he doesn’t feel comfortable getting involved he HAD to tell other adults that an issue was arising.

I am a complete mama bear and protect my cubs even from kids their own age.  I know it is an iffy situation to tell another persons child something, but if my child is actually being knocked over I will always stop it at the root.

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