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Baby Essentials: Do you really need a Bassinet?

Delta Gliding Bassinet Do you really need a Bassinet? Delta Children Gliding Bassinet

Do you really need a Bassinet? Delta Children Gliding Bassinet is sponsored by Delta Children.

Let the countdown begin! As of today I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Officially in the homestretch and little miss is almost here. My doctor recommended I rest up until 37 weeks to keep the preterm labor from starting up again. In the meantime I have been doing a little organizing and prepping to pass the time, in moderation of course.

Today I rolled our new Delta Children’s Gliding Bassinet into the main room of our home in preparation for my daughters arrival. When planning for babies essentials, I thought hard about what we needed and what we didn’t necessarily need. This being my fourth baby, I want to avoid having to many things and minimize the clutter. 

A bassinet has never been something I wanted to cross off my essentials list. I have had many discussions with friends about “do you really need a Bassinet?” Having a large family requires me to always be present, even after delivery. Although my husband will be home to pick up most of the slack, we still have three other children and the transition has to be as smooth as possible. We spend a majority of our days home in the main living area that is attached to our kitchen, having baby close by is very important. 
delta-children-gliding-bassinet Do you really need a Bassinet?

The Delta Children’s Gliding Bassinet is perfect for taking up minimal space and moving around the house with ease. The Marina print fits perfectly into our living space. The white and blue, with flowing detail and bows keep it feminine.The accents are gorgeous and have so much detail. The locking casters allow me to easily move it around and lock into place for safety. 

Delta Gliding Bassinet Features Do you really need a Bassinet? For extra comfort the Delta Children’s Gliding Bassinet features variable speed vibration, music, soothing side-to-side gliding rock motion and a nightlight.  

 Delta Children’s Smooth Glide Bassinet in Marina Do you really need a Bassinet?

Do you really need a Bassinet?

A bassinet is the perfect must have for the first few months. With round the clock feedings, baby needs to be close by for all of those napping sessions in-between. As much as we want to just cuddle baby all day and night, the reality is we need breaks from those sessions. Especially if we have work to get done or need our own rest. If you have a crib in your sleeping space you may not feel so hard-pressed to get a bassinet and you may ask yourself “do you really need a Bassinet?”. 

My boys had a very hard time sleeping comfortably in the crib at the newborn stage, even when swaddled they startled easily. They must have sensed the large space. Having a bassinet for them was a lifesaver. They felt cozy and didn’t get fussy when startled. The bassinet is one of those essentials that allows me to get some rest from my newborn and still have her close by. I love the idea of co-sleeping and for me a bassinet is the best way to keep my baby in arms reach safely. 

Delta Children Bassinet Large storage basket underneath provides ample storage for all things baby Do you really need a Bassinet?

The large storage basket underneath means I can keep extra baby essentials close by without having to find more storage space and I don’t have to run back to the nursery for little necessities. 

delta children bassinet Includes a fitted sheet and a 1" water-resistant pad Do you really need a Bassinet?

The bassinet also comes with a fitted sheet and a 1″ water-resistant pad, so her sleeping space is completely ready. I put this bassinet together (along with my five year old helper) in about twenty-five minutes. The extremely simple directions allowed us to prepare for this baby must have without much fuss. The Delta Children’s Gliding Bassinet is perfect for babies up to 15 lbs. 

Learn more about Delta Children Bassinets on facebook | Twitter.

baby must haves - the bassinet Delta Children Gliding Bassinet Do you really need a Bassinet?

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14 thoughts on “Baby Essentials: Do you really need a Bassinet?

  1. This bassinet is so pretty I almost wish I’d had one with my 3 littles. We made do- especially with our third child who spent her first 2 weeks sleeping in a baby bathtub. I can totally see how parents with a little bigger budget would enjoy having this mobile bassinet in the living room, kitchen, or wherever they were working to keep an eye on baby.

  2. I had a bassinet for all of my little ones.
    It was a great way to have them right beside me at night and made those late night feeds a dream.
    They all moved to a crib in their own rooms when they were old enough to sit up in the bassinet.

  3. A bassinet was a savour with my third child. Not only does it help with night feedings, but I had an emergency csec and it was nice to have to leave my bed!

  4. This sounds like a great bassinet. I wish I had one like this when my kids were born. The rocking motion that is soothing to babies would be the best feature to myself. Thanks for sharing this awesome bassinet and I really do believe they are needed when the baby is a newborn.

  5. I used a bassinet when both my girls were babies. I honestly think it’s very useful. I love that you can keep them right next to your bed. I’d highly recommend them for sure!

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