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I wish I could go back to Prom!  I would do at least 500 things differently.  From my prom date to my prom dress it would all be tweaked.  Really though, the most important part of Prom for every girl is how you look…period.  Everything else is just part of the minor details.  You can’t skimp on the dress ever.  The pictures that will be taken and plastered up for possibly all eternity could haunt you for-ev-er.  Prom Girl has all of the must have gowns in one place. 

Who is Prom Girl?  Your go to, one stop formal gown Prom MegaStore.  Prom Girl has set themselves apart from all the others by providing the details you want in Prom Dress shopping.  Prom Girl offers all of your formal dress needs.

Skip the Mall

Your dress needs to be the only one of it’s kind at your prom.  Chances are there will be 2 or 3 of the same “mall bought dress” at your prom.  Trust me on this, you don’t want to be one of “those girls” that are wearing the exact same dress.  No amount of accessorizing or an up do can take away from the fact that two or three girls are sporting a twinkie look. That’s a total fashion faux paux.  Prom Girl will make certain you are not copied by only shipping one of each gown to each zip code. 

Red Carpet Style

We all want to have our movie star moment, here is your chance to look like one.  There are endless style’s from all of our favorite actress’s, take a style trend from your favorite stars look and run with it.  Prom Girl gowns will be featured in the 2012 Miss Galaxy and ABC Family’s new reality TV series America’s Queen.  How’s that for star style!

Designer Shopping

Don’t skimp on those knockoff cheaply made dress’s.  It’s your time to shine, not your time to fall apart.  Remember the saying “you get what you pay for” don’t forget that one when you are perusing the hottest formal designers on that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bargain deal.  Prom Girl carries inexpensive designer dress’s.


Latest Trends

Shop the current trends and latest designs.  Stay away from outdated looks, go bold and be seen.  This is your dress to impress moment.  Prom Girls dresses are updated as the styles and seasons change to give you the style fit for a queen.

Short Formal Dress
Short Formal Dress

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