Pull-Ups Training Tips and Tricks #SayAdiosToDiapers #ad

Pull-Ups® Training Tips and Tricks #SayAdiosToDiapers #ad

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Pull-Ups® Training Tips and Tricks #SayAdiosToDiapers #ad

The journey to potty training is such an exciting milestone.  For me I was thrilled not to have to purchase diapers anymore.  For my husband it was not having to change another diaper in a public place.  What I do know is that potty training is a transition that should not start until you and your child are 100% ready to commit.  Don’t depend on his age or what other children are doing.  Pay attention to where your child is developmentally and how he reacts to potty time.  Once you have picked up on your child’s cues that it’s time to potty train.  Make an effort to prepare yourself.  Not sure if your kiddo is ready?

Talk About Potty Time Yes he is only two, but make an effort to ask your child if they have to go potty.  Take them to a potty, sit him down and see what happens.  Keep potty training an option for your child as you see him transition into wanting to potty train make the right moves to set him on his way.  Some kids start before two, some after three.  There is no time frame to when your child will be potty trained, don’t fret.

Have A Special Seat Purchase a specialty potty seat for your toddler.  Set it up and have it ready to go.  Keep it in sight and part of your lives.

Training Pants Make potty training a fun and easy experience.  Pull-Ups training pants mimic underwear teaching your toddler the idea of wearing underwear without having the potential for accidents.  Pull Ups® training Pants are perfect to use during the entire potty training process, instead of switching back to diapers,reducing toddler confusion.

Celebrate Every Flush  Dance Party, stickers, m&m’s… whatever makes your kiddo happy.  Use it as a celebration tool after each successful potty time.

Potty Boot Camp Once you have both committed, don’t digress.  Say adios to diapers, set a timer to remind your little one if they have to potty.  Get everyone on board and committed to potty training.  Dad, grandma, siblings, and caregivers.

Visit The Big Kid Academy at to learn more! The Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy offers expert advice from the Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partners to help moms as they begin the potty training process. @PullUpsBigKid on Twitter and Pull-Ups® on Facebook.

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