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4 Reasons Kids Need A Reliable Smartphone #SentWithRepublicWireless

Republic Wireless is a smarter smartphone service

4 Reasons Kids Need A Reliable Smartphone is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks and Republic Wireless. #SentWithRepublicWireless

The amount of times my sons ask to use my smartphone to play games or watch youtube is comical. The minute we sit in a restaurant one will beg and plead to use my phone. Long car rides and they are asking for my phone. Waiting for their teenage brother to finish practice, one’s begging for my phone. I reluctantly hand it over more often than not. As we started thinking ahead to this school year, my husband and I tossed around the idea of getting another smartphone that was for the boys. When we discovered Republic Wireless it all made perfect sense. Luckily our boys are close in age and aside from being in different grades, they do just about everything else together. I want this new school year to go off without a hitch and make sure my boys are prepared with their own reliable smartphone.

4 Reasons My Kids Need A Reliable Smartphone

1. Handing over an equipped Republic wireless reliable smartphone gives me more peace of mind when the boys hop on the school bus and are gone from me for 9 hours everyday.

2. Inevitably they will start wanting to ride their bikes to our neighbors house like they did towards the end of last school year. It made me crazy and even though I watched them ride to and from, I still had to walk over to tell them to come home. With their own phone we can both reach each other and I know that they are a quick phone call away if they need anything. 

3. As much as we keep screen time to a minimum, I still want them to have time to enjoy those apps when we are in car on long rides and waiting patiently and appointments. I dread handing my phone over, so having their own smartphone will be a welcome relief. I can hand it to them during those “boring times”.

4. Peace of mind that they have a form of communication at their fingertips. Having multiple kids means there are times where my boys are at soccer practice and I’m off picking up their older brother. I know that if anything should happen (like I am stuck in traffic), I can easily send them a quick text to let them know I will be a few minutes late. 

Republic Wireless smartphone service

Republic Wireless Reliable Smartphone Service

When we added the new Moto G5 Plus Republic Wireless smartphone, we wanted to take it out of the house and try out the service everywhere. The Republic Wireless service proved to be quality service. It runs on the less expensive WiFi network when possible and shifts over to nationwide 4G LTE cellular network whenever necessary. My boys don’t even notice it switches and have watched youtube videos on the road with no issues. 

Affordable Service 

There are no contracts or hidden fees with Republic Wireless. With plans that start at just $15 and include unlimited talk and text on WiFi or cellular Republic Wireless is the perfect plan for everyones budget.  Data plans start at just $20/month. There are no contracts and no hidden fees.

Republic Anywhere app

The free Republic Anywhere app syncs your Republic Wireless number with any device (laptops, phones & tablets) so you stay connected to your text messages even when you’re away from your Republic Wireless serviced phone. Send and receive text messages from your computer, using your phone number, just like you do on your phone. Sync all your messages & contacts across all devices. The Anywhere app works like another phone, allowing you to use the options even when your actual phone is not with you. 

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Try Republic Wireless for yourself and see just how seamlessly it will fit into your life and your budget.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer, entrepreneur and business owner. She built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms. Michelle is in her fifth year of homeschooling her 4 kids with her husband right outside of San Antonio, Texas. Instagram, twitter and facebook.

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31 thoughts on “4 Reasons Kids Need A Reliable Smartphone #SentWithRepublicWireless

  1. My daughter is 12, and just got her first phone (hand me down) last year. I just replaced it this year for her birthday with a phone from our phone carrier. Ugh. She doesn’t have a plan, but I would love to get her the talk and text one that Republic Wireless offers.

  2. I would love to get my Son a Moto G5 Plus Republic Wireless smartphone. I think it is important for kids to have a reliable phone in case of emergencies.

  3. My daughter goes into middle school soon, and I want her to be able to have a way to communicate with us. Or like you said, sports practice or a friend’s house. This sounds like a great way to go.

  4. $15 a month for unlimited talk is awesome! At least this way they always have the ability to communicate in case of emergency even if they run out of media time.

  5. I always want my kids to be able to communicate with us, especially in times of emergencies. In school, they leave their phones for safe keeping, then they get them back come dismissal time. The only times they get to play or browse the internet is after they’re done with their homeworks.

  6. I have never heard of this carrier but I agree with the need for a phone. My daughter uses hers in school and I would never be able to relax if she did not have it!

  7. I think this would be great for when my kids are old enough to have a phone. I’m not ready for them to have one yet. They’re only 6 and 8. I will certainly keep this in mind for when I plan to get them phones.

  8. We haven’t let our kids have mobile phones yet. But they are getting to that age where we won’t be able to put it off much longer. Probably will start off with one that only lets them call mom and dad’s cell phones and 911 before they get one with all the bells and whistles.

  9. I haven’t let my kids have a mobile phone yet. I stand really true to the fact that my kids will not have one until they are old enough to pay their own bill. I may consider a pay as you go phone that they are allowed to take with them when they go places alone but that won’t be until they are older anyways. I will have to check this out.

  10. My kids are too little to have an active phone that can text and make calls, but I do let them use my old phones and they can play the apps as long as they are connected to wifi. This would be perfect when they get a little older.

  11. I will have to look into this phone service. We pay an arm and a leg for our phones. I am looking for ways to cut our bill. This might just be the solution. 🙂

  12. I have never heard of Republic Wireless before but it sounds like a great service provider! I will have to check them out for sure!!

  13. That is a really great deal for a phone that works for kids. I think it is all about balance when it comes to kids and phones

  14. Our son got his phone last year and I agree, I have more peace of mind now knowing that he’s just a call or text away. Republic Wireless is so affordable! We sure spend more than that for our son’s phone.

  15. I have never heard of Republic Wireless before. I’m going to check it out. After a certain age, it is definitely very important for kids to have the ability to communicate in case of emergency.

  16. I totally agree that if let kids have their own smart phone, it will become more convenient whenever I wanna contact to them. But i worry smart phone will make my kids just focus on it and have less time to explore nature and play with the other kid.

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