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Replenish Smart Cleaning

Replenish Smart Cleaning

What’s your cleaner of choice? I have tried so many products for cleaning around my home.  I have a cabinet full of products that are half full.  I would rather have one great multi-cleaner for cleaning surfaces.  See how replenish multi-surface cleaner fared in my home.

Disclosure: I received products by replenish in exchange for my thoughts on this product.  All thoughts are my own and may not represent those of others or replenish.

replenish reusable cleaning system


Most cleaners are filled with mostly water.  How many of the ingredients are for cleaning, though?  I have been sharing ways to reduce reuse and recycle and today I have a new product that will help you do just that.  Replenish is a an empty reusable bottle – reusable so you never have to throw it away, just keep refilling it with water.  By screwing on a concentrated pod and giving the bottle a good squeeze to fill up the reservoir you are able to clean, just about anything.  The concentrated pod will allow for three bottles of replenish – just refill with water and squeeze when it run out.

Replenish Facts:

  • Mixing Replenish Concentrate Pods at home uses 90% less plastic, oil and CO2 emmissions versus pre-mixed cleaners.
  • Replenish is made from 98% plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic to aquatic life.
  • Free of any or all solvents or neutralizing compounds that contain amines, glycol ethers, ketones, and esters, which are often sources of odors.
  • The cleaner is people, pet and planet safe.  No harsh chemicals.

I have gone replenish only in my home for two weeks.  Cleaning granite, cabinets, dining table, glass, mirrors and even a spill on  my tiled floor.  It’s an easy to use formula that does’t leave a strong odor, but a light fresh scent.  It’s also not soapy and doesn’t leave a film on surfaces.

One downfall is that replenish is not easily found in stores.  The nearest to me is over 100 miles away.  The upside is you can purchase replenish online.

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