4 Rules to be your Own Boss and $700 Amway Giveaway #SomosAmway

4 Rules to be your Own Boss and $700 Amway Giveaway #SomosAmway

Disclosure: this is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Amway.

4 Rules to be your Own Boss and $700 Amway Giveaway  #SomosAmway I have had friends tell me that I have influenced them to be their own boss. I can’t help but feel like they don’t see the entire picture of what it takes to be your own boss. It may look as though, I have this carefree life, doing as I please all day and magically whipping up three-hundred word posts in record time. If only it where that simple and my life was carefree. In reality I wake up my own boss.  While yes it is a dream job, it is an all day, everyday job. Being an entrepreneur is the single most gratifying thing I have done in my life, it has given me the opportunity to homeschool and build a strong family bond. If you have a dream, an idea ora passion, here are 4 rules to be your own boss:

1. Have Patience You will not become successful overnight.  You have to put in countless hours making practically no money at all, for years.  Yes, years!  You will most likely spend more money than you actually make for a while.  The key is to not give up and keep pushing through.

2. Hustle  Morning and night put in the work.  Skip dinner with friends when you are overflowing with work.  Hard work pays off and pays the bills.  Don’t wait until the last minute to complete a deadline.

3. Take Risks Take risks and stand by them.  The most successful entrepreneurs believe in their ideas and aren’t afraid to make them a reality no matter what it takes.  Don’t fail because you didn’t try, fail because you gave it your all.  

4. Never Reveal Everything You Know…

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