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Save on more than your Grocery Bill

When I was growing up we would shop at stores like Solo Serve and Marshals.  It was then that my mom showed me that full price was not necessary.  I don’t recall her being a couponer, but shopping the sales racks were a norm.  As I grew up and started making my own money I followed in her foot steps.  Start in the sales areas and make purchases based on saving money.  I could on any given day spend $20 on an outfit and look good. I surprise my husband with my thrifty-ness and ability to not spend a fortune shopping.  If you value your money, don’t waste it paying full price.

I am good in the clothing department and can cut my grocery bill in half always.  Finding deals on dinning, entertainment, home goods that’s a whole other story.  Do you crave a good deal, deep discounts especially on items that virtually seem impossible to get on sale.  We all love a good deal and it’s even more exciting when you can save money everyday.  From putting gas in your car, booking a vacation, to going to dinner.  The new site Good Value for Money has the money saving tips and deals we love. Join me and start saving on more than just your grocery bill.


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