Schlitterbahn WaterPark Summer Fun

It’s Summer, the temperature in Texas is sure making it easy for us to want to spend every moment keeping cool.  Now is your chance to make your way to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, for an entire day of fun in the sun.  Can I just say look no further, I have found your next outing with your family!  Even cooler you can make an entire vacation out of it, because they have lodging.
Pack up the ice chest.  Schlitterbahn is ice chest friendly and has plenty of picnic areas for you to enjoy your own food and drinks with your family.  Score one for mom, and save money, by packing lunch and drinks.

FREE parking too, really isn’t it all those little extra charges that add up and turn a family trip from fun into money guzzling.
Tip: take a look at the map online before you get to the park. Each section of Schlitterbahn water park has a kiddie area, which makes it perfect for our family.

Now I can’t let you go without a discount, right?
Purchase Schlitterbahn tickets online.  Promo codes valid at ALL Texas Schlitterbahn Parks!

$5 off regular admission use Promo Code: 29900033565

$7 off 2 day admission use Promo Code: 299000334

Tickets must be purchased online.
Visit Schlitterbahn online they have parks in Galveston Island TX, Kansas City KS, New Braunfels TX and South Padre Island TX.

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