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My littlest kiddo used to obsess over his cup of milk.  It was a necessity for him to guzzle up a cup morning, noon and night (he would drink more if I let him).  Now that he has discovered other drinking options he has started to sway away from the good stuff.  Not to mention that we are on the go (way to much) and traveling with milk is not very fun a big hassle.  In an effort to keep my kids drinking milk we have turned to individual shelf safe milk options.  There is something about a personal milk carton that gets all of my kids drinking milk again.

milk carton

I love these cartons, because they go straight in my pantry and can be stored there for up to six months without refrigeration. They are the perfect travel drinks too.  No need to pack sippy cups full of milk and cross our fingers they stay fresh.  No more ice packs and coolers and hassle.  The shelf safe cartons go straight in my bag and we are out the door.  The perfect way to provide a healthy alternative for my kiddo.  These containers are the same grade A milk I have in my refrigerator, but packaged for our families convenience.

shelf safe milk

How does shelf safe milk stay fresh?

The milk is flash-heated to eliminate bacteria and placed in the Tetra Pak shelf safe cartons.  These cartons protect milk from air, light, and other contamination’s.  One 8oz carton has 8 grams of protein and 9 essential nutrients.

You can serve the Tetra Pak cartons at room temperature, place in the fridge or freezer.  The freezer method makes it easy to send your child to school with a frozen milk that will be thawed cold by lunch time.

To learn more and find stores that carry the single-serving cartons visit Milk Unleashed.

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shelf safe milk

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