Skinny Coffee Green Coffee Bean Extract

Skinny Coffee Genesis Toda Green Coffee Bean Extract

Do you have a love affair with coffee?  I have been a long time lover of cappuccino’s and Latte’s.  The only part of having a delectable pick-me-up is the calories and lack of nutrients.

I have started Skinny Sipping with the help of  a Skinny Coffee with Green Coffee Bean Extract.  I first learned about the effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract from the Dr. Oz Show.  The extract has been claimed to literally shred you of fat when taken before meals.  The Dr. Oz study claimed the effects of loosing weight with healthy adults, over the age of 18 where great.  The idea of taking a 400 mg pill before meals was something I kept in mind.  As with any pill I get forgetful and don’t make it a point to remember to take them. A skinny coffee that includes 825mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract in an 11 oz serving is more my language. A pick-me-up and healthy weight supplement in one.

Skinny Coffee Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean Extract Vanilla Latte and Creamy cappuccino 11 ounce  tetra packs


With two flavors to choose from a Vanilla Latte and Creamy Cappuccino, the single serving tetra pack drinks are perfect for anytime and great for on the go take with you drinks. Skinny Coffee Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean Extract Vanilla Latte 1 liter containerI start my day with either a glass of ice and and Skinny Coffee from my resealable 1 liter tetra pack or for on the go I keep tetra packs of Skinny Coffee ready in the fridge to literally grab and go.

Skinny Coffee Contains only raw, green, unroasted coffee bean powder that has been standardized to contain at least 50% Chlorogenic acids.  Each 11 oz serving contains 50% Chlorogenic acid, a naturally occurring blend of the 3,4, and 5-caffeoylquinic acids. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial sweeteners or color. All natural.  65 mg of natural caffeine in Creamy Cappuccino.

There is no funny aftertaste, I love that the Skinny Coffees are rich and filling with the same flavor of a latte or cappuccino from a coffee house.


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Skinny Coffee

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