Soothe your cough with all natural caramel and banana

It’s always scary when my little ones get sick.  I want to take their little raspy coughs, stuffy noses and inflamed throats and trade them places.  To bad it isn’t that easy. I struggle with finding something that is safe for their little bodies.  I don’t want to do more harm then good filling them with drugs that they don’t necessarily need.   Not to mention most medicines aren’t recommended for young ones.  Maty’s products were thought up by a mom who wanted natural products for her daughter Maty who was born with severe heart defects.

We had the opportunity to try the All Natural Cough Syrup by Maty’s.  The natural cough medicine  is a food based syrup combining:

Buckwheat honey- to improve respiratory function, help sleep quality

cinnamon- promotes healthy breathing

Zinc- provides immune support

Apple Cider Vinegar- promotes healthy mucous flow

Sea Salt- neutralizes toxins in the body

Lemon Balm- calming

Lemon Peel- anti-oxidant and detoxifier

Grapefruit seed extract- anti-oxidant and detoxifier

Marjoram- anti-oxidant and detoxifier

It comes in a regular flavor or Caramel Banana Taste.  This is intended for children over 1 year of age.  Children under 1 should not be digesting honey.  We can attest that the Caramel Banana flavored all natural cough syrup is tasty.  After a chilly day outside I started to hear my son clear his throat and cough more than he should have.  We immediately tried the kids cough syrup in Caramel Banana Cough Syrup and  he felt immediate relief.  Able to fall quickly to sleep he slept quite well throughout the night.  In the morning after a few coughs he took another dose and didn’t have any other issues.

Overall this was the saving grace to what could have been a battle to get over.  I know catching it from the very start and keeping up with another dose was all we needed.

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