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The Force Awakens With Star Wars Cereal + General Mills Coupon

The Force Awakens With Star Wars Cereal thanks to General Mills. Remember the good ol’ days when cereal boxes had a prize inside? I used to base my cereal selection on the prize I wanted. It was a selection process that drove my mom crazy. My brother and I devoured the entire box that week, and couldn’t wait for our next box of cereal. These days prizes in a box of cereal seemed non-existent, until now. General Mills Cereal and Star Wars are bringing the fun back to the cereal box. In anticipation of The Force Awakens grab a box of Big G cereal and get your kids excited about breakfast. As you know there is major excitement in my home for the Star Wars Movie! We are in a Star Wars haze of goodies right now.

 75 cents off coupon your next purchase of Big G Cereals.

The Force Awakens With Star Wars Cereal thanks to General Mills

I trust General Mills Cereal as the perfect start to our day because it is made with whole grain oats and each cereal contains at least 10g of whole grains per serving. You can find specially marked Big G cereals with The Force Awakens Droid View Finders.  There are 6 collectible droid view finders shaped like characters from The Force Awakens movie. Each droid view finder contains a unique, exclusive scene from the movie.

 General Mills brings Star Wars fun to the breakfast table with a special in-pack offer.

Featured General Mills cereals includeReese’s Puffs™, Mini Trix™, Honey Nut Cheerios™ and Cinnamon Toast Crunch™.


Use this coupon for 75 cents off your next purchase of Big G Cereals.


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