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Starting Rice Cereal, already…

My little DJ  is 20 weeks old.  There is joy and sadness in this, I love this age, he is my ham, loves to cuddle, still smells like a baby, flips his lip right before he cries and giggles at the sound of my husbands voice.  But sadly the little man is growing way too fast.   This is my last baby!  Unless I win the lottery, but since I don’t play…he’s for now my last baby 🙂  I enjoy every little baby thing about him.  A few weeks ago at his 4 month checkup his Dr. told me he can start rice cereal.  She actually encouraged I start that day and at his 6 month I should be adding in veggies and such.  Gasp…seriously my little baby.  I recall her saying something about diabetes and key ingredients, but she actually lost me at “start rice cereal”.

I’ve been that mom that couldn’t wait for each milestone with my other two babies.  With my third, I am holding onto my “newborn”.   I started researching rice cereal and when to start, etc.  There are two important considerations, introducing rice cereal before four months  increased  babies risk of developing diabetes autoimmunity.  More importantly infants not fed cereal between four and six months miss out on key nutrients that develop of the immune system.  Hmm… something to think about.  I want the best for my babies always.  Starting rice cereal  is starting to seem like a better idea.

Now that we are five days from the 5 month mark I have seen a big change in DJ.  He is very interested in what we are eating and will reach for my food.  He had his first few spoons on rice cereal yesterday and absolutely loved it.  He loved it so much that he cried every time the spoon wasn’t aimed at his mouth.  I hate that my baby is doing “big boy” things now. But, I’m embracing the milestone.


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