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Tea Of A Kind Flavored Teas

Tea Of A Kind a new kind of Flavored Teas

Tea Of A Kind Flavored Teas disclosure
Tea Of A Kind Flavored TeasI am a huge tea drinker and absolutely love flavored teas.  So, when Tea of A Kind reached out I had to give it a whirl.  And whirl I did!!  Check out how simply AWESOME it is to twist off a cap from Tea of a Kind.

It’s literally an experience to have Tea of a kind.  The  100% natural and preservative free drinks  are made with reverse osmosis water.  Tea of a Kind comes in three flavors Peach Ginger Black Tea, Pomegranate Acai White Tea and Citrus Mint Green Tea.

Of course I had to open each bottle and try them all out.

Tea Of A Kind Flavored Teas

These real brewed teas are stored in a patented, pressurized bottle closure that pops open when you twist the cap.

What do I think?

All three flavors are mildly sweet and packed a flavor punch.  The Citrus Mint Green Tea turned out to be my favorite it is refreshing and left that ahh… satisfaction.  I found them best served right our of the fridge or in a glass of ice.

Find Tea of a Kind near you.

Once you grab your own bottles record your reaction and share it on social media using #MyTEAction.

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