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Celebrate My Drive Teen Driver Safety #CelebrateMyDrive

Teen driver safety

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and State Farm.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Teen Driver
It’s inevitable that our children will grow up, most will argue too fast.  As my oldest closes out on another year closer to driving, I find him talking about the kind of car he wants and learning to drive is on his mind, more often than I would prefer.  As a parent I have begun teaching him things about driving, like why you don’t change lanes in an intersection or how your “blind spot” is not visible in mirrors.  Little lessons on being a safe driver have become a routine.   I can’t help but want to make it as transparent as possible to my child that the risk of a car accident can simply be avoided  by teaching our teens safe driving habits.

Car crashes have been the leading cause of death for 14-to-18 year olds for more than 30 years.  The folks over at State Farm believes this can be changed through the awareness and commitment of building safe driving habits for teens.

State Farm wants teens, parents and communities to commit to safe driving and talk about driving safely.  The Celebrate My Drive program encourages Teen Driver Safety to employ safer driving skills.

In 2012, it was found that more than 50 percent of schools and families were not having conversations about safe driving.  State Farm offers a variety of tools and tips, Road Trips®, Road Aware ®, Steer Clear and Driver Feedback app.

State Farm concluded a new survey in June that reveals an alarming gap between parents’ and teen’ views on driver licensing laws.  Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws are being adopted in most states. They are an experience-based method for new drivers, where driving privileges are introduced in phases.  The objective of GDL is to keep teens out of high-risk driving situations while permitting them to gain on-road experience in low-risk environments.


The State Farm survey sampled 500 parents of teen drivers and an independent sample of 500 teen drivers.  The Surveys questioned parental monitoring and graduated driver licensing laws.  It is alarming how as a parent we expect that our child’s influences are based on our teachings while that is not always the case.


Peer pressure vs. the police: Parents listed peer pressure as the most likely reason teens do not follow GDL laws (34 percent), whereas teens listed thinking police will not catch them as the most likely reason (32 percent).


Nighttime driving – 69 percent of parents believe their teen driver almost always follows restrictions while less than half (48 percent) of teens admit to almost always following this law.


Passenger restrictions – 70 percent of parents believe their teen driver almost always obeys this life-saving statute while only 43 percent of teens state they almost always follow this restriction.

Celebrate My Drive Teen Driver Safety #CelebrateMyDrive
Infografía Sobre Licencia de Conductor Graduada
Celebrate My Drive campaign is the starting point for us to encourage our young drivers to make safe driving choices every time they’re behind the wheel.  And not just our children but our community young and old need to be involved in making this an important topic that sticks.


Celebrate My Drive Teen Driver Safety #CelebrateMyDrive


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