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Ten Time Saving Tips for every Mom

As a mom of three, I always wish I had just another hour in the day.  I am busy 99% of the day to say the least. I have come up with the ten most important time-saving tips to make your life as a busy mom easier.

1. A to do list! I have an ongoing to do list on my phone that is integrated into my calendar.  There are tons of phone applications that make this a very do able life saver.  I even get notifications of important must do’s for the day.  If you don’t have a smart phone, this can work for you as well.  I used to carry around a medium sized mommy calendar {that still fit in my purse}.  My husband called it my “bible”.   It held every important activity and every must get done item. Follow it, add to it, and mark off every item and you will save yourself from last minute problems.

2. Weekly meal plans.  Sunday is my weekly meal plan day.  Of course you can choose which day works best for you.  I take out my recipe box and ask my husband and kids if there is anything they want to have for the week.  Three rules I have when weekly meal planning.

  1. Have enough meals to be able to provide 3 meals a day (this means you wont have to end up back at the store and you have options just in case)
  2. Have one crock pot meal (at least)
  3. Have one casserole meal (at least

I write all our home meals down for the next seven days.  I then raid the kitchen and write down a grocery list of all the ingredients I will need to buy.  I also add any other grocery items I know we will want. That makes one grocery trip for the week.  Sunday late afternoon’s is my time to go grocery shopping my kids are down for a nap and my husband is home.  I get out of there quicker when I’m alone, I don’t forget anything and its actually a relaxing experience.

3. Have an evening routine.  Before my kids, husband or I  can play, watch tv and relax.  We do a few chores, this takes about thirty minutes tops.  We all take a room and straighten it up.  A quick vacuum, dust, cleaning a bathroom, etc.  And any mess we make gets cleaned up before bed.  I also always throw a load in the wash before dinner.

4. What to wear?  My kids have a cubby hole system for their clothes for the week.  On Sundays we choose the outfit they will wear for every day of the week.  I bought a shoe pocket hanger that hooks in their closets.    I found a nice one with big pockets at the container store for $15.  I nicely fold each outfit and any coordinating accessories they will need and it all goes in a cubby.  It makes getting ready each morning a breeze.  There is no fussing, mismatched clothes or stress of what to wear.   I do this for my husband and myself  as well except our clothes stay hung.  I make sure they are ready to wear whether its dry cleaned or ironed.

5. Car pool is your friend.  Make friends with your neighbors, child’s classmates, etc.  It is amazing the amount of driving I do to school, camps (during summer), practice, etc.  Once you have friends or your childrens friends you can trust and feel comfortable with, it is okay to ask about car pooling.

6. Teach you kids to do everyday chores.  Washing the dishes is a big one.  My kids love to snack and could easily dirty every cup in the house.  They have designated cups and dishes.  If they use them they quickly wash them by hand.   After big meals my kids know how to fill the dishwasher.  Teach them how to use the washer and dryer.  I always wash, but having my son know how to is a big help.  I can have him switch the clothes from washer to dryer and so on.

7. Running errands in bulk.  I try to get all my errands run once a week.    Having a well thought out to do list helps me to get everything done and not forget to do something.

8. Go to area.  I have a desk in between the kitchen and hall way that stores all of our important items.  A hanging key rack, a file box for mail, our cell  phone chargers and  ipod chargers. Our childrens portable game systems are stored in drawers here.  A cubby for my purse, kids backpacks, etc.  This keeps all our important stuff together and in safe keeping.  When we are ready to run out the door this is where we get all of our stuff.

9. Set timers.  This is especially useful for your kids or getting off task.  My oldest gets caught up on gaming or the computer.  I limit him to thirty minutes a day.  I set the timer and when it goes off he done.  If he does extra chores he gets another block of time ranging from 15 – 30 minutes.  I also can spend endless computer time.  If I set a timer it helps me to stay in task.

10.Organization is key.  Everything runs more smooth when it is organized.  From clearing out your email box to having an organized pantry.  All the little things keep you on task, finding everything quicker and saves time.

I definitely find these key elements to our daily lives.  It leaves us more time to be together as a family.  Even my two year old is part of the action.

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Starbucks blogging program.

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