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Thanks a Million Recalls Plus & She Speaks

A few weeks back I was contacted by SheSpeaks to let me know I had won the Recalls Plus contest.  I am the proud owner of a New iPad and $40 in app cards.  So awesome and I am beyond words, that I actually won.  I am usually the giver and not the recipient of online blogger giveaways.  My new iPAD is one of my new blogging tools, it keeps my little ones occupied and has saved me from lugging around my huge laptop when I need to do late night work in bed and on the road. 


So who is Recalls Plus?

An app for your iPhone, Android {or you can use the facebook app} that gives you the 411 on all Recalls regarding your child’s products and food allergens.

  • Add all those baby products to your watch list. Like your stroller, car seat, crib, baby toys, etc. 

  • Add any food allergens your child has.

  • Get Push notifications when an item you have on your list is recalled.

  • Watch the updated stream to stay up to date on new recalls.

Recalls Plus on facebook

Recalls Plus on Twitter


Recalls Plus is one of those handy lifesaving apps that protect your family from dangerous items. Head over and download the app.


So Thanks a million Recalls Plus and SheSpeaks


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