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The Bully Project Movie You Must See

We just took  our eleven year old to see the movie Bully.  This powerful movie follows five kids throughout a school year, two of which committed suicide.  I read a little about this movie beforehand and was immediately intrigued to take my son who had been bullied himself last school year to see a showing.  It started out as a rated R movie but after consideration was given a PG13 rating.  The movie starts out pretty verbally abusive and I was immediatley concerned my eleven year old was not ready to hear a child telling another child  he was going to stick something up his a**.  We gave the movie a chance and realized the shock I felt from hearing the way these children spoke was something I needed to see and hear.

The movie brought me to tears and I left feeling  proud to have taken my son.  We spoke in depth about the movie, how his bus rides differed and sadly were partly reminiscent of what he has seen and heard on his own daily trips.  It opened our lines of communication in a different way and gave my son the tools he needed mentally to speak up if he ever felt bullied again and to be a good citizen in his own daily life to not become a bully himself.

This movie is amazing and worth the effort of empowering your own children.

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