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The Power to Change through Education #WaveforChange

Growing up I was one of those kids that would “fly by the seat of my pants”.  I never had a Big dream or goal in life.  I just kind of glided through life being a kid, then a teenager and the spark to be something never really was there for me.  I went to college but never had that push to become “someone”.  Eventually I finished school and became a wife and now a mother.  A mom to three amazing boys it finally hit me,  I felt the power to push myself to become someone I never knew I wanted to be.  I was lucky that school came easy and I actually finished, because I was never pushed.

I now strive to create the best little men of society.  Encourage them to find and follow their dreams.  Push them to think big and believe in themselves.  I believe in that push, that teacher, that inspiring person that believes in you.  Whether I am that person to them or one of the many people that will mold them, I am making that commitment to give it my all.

The Neutrogena Wave for Change Campaign is back for the third year.  Helping to rebuild the lives of thousands of kids in need.  You can be that difference.  Every Wave for Change® video viewed during this campaign, Neutrogena will donate $1 to GlobalGiving to support U.S. educational organizations: Knowledge is Power Program, Para Los Ninos, and Education Through Music.

Turn an Opportunity to Watch this 2.30 minute video into a Reality, because when you watch you are donating $1 to make a difference in a child’s life.

For each participating Neutrogena product purchased, another $1 will be donated to GlobalGiving.  Visit http://www.neutrogena.com/waveforchange or http://www.facebook.com/neutrogena to activate the purchased products with one simple click.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in the Wave For Change Campaign with Latina Bloggers. Compensation will be awarded for this post.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect those of others.

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