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Tips and advice for new bloggers


Here’s a great question that comes from SocialMoms daily blog prompts

What tips and advice do you have for new bloggers?

Blog about what you love! I love finding great deals, freebies, coupons and especially clever money making programs.

Really think about what you are blogging for!  Are you blogging to make money? Share your insight on something you are passionate about?  Connect with family? As an outlet or diary? All of the above? I blog to share the amazing deals, make money and share a little about my self.

Research, Research, Research!!  Before I started my blog, I was find amazing deals.  They were so amazing my mom, friends, husband and family members would comment on how I could possibly come home with freebies from Walmart or how I had so many awesome magazines, etc. etc.  This is when I started thinking about blogging my deals in a step by step format for my mom, friends, family, etc. So that they to could get in on freebies.  I never thought about anyone else besides them reading my blog.  It was basic and very step by step.  I then started a very extensive search on blogging and that is where I realized if I promoted my blog just a bit, I could actually benefit financially from it.

Use your FREE space/post deals that make you money!!
Even if you blog about your kiddos or fido, you can use your free space to have an income! Sign up for affiliate programs! They are FREE and make you money.
Logical Media
My Savings
Escalate Media
Share A Sale 

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Blogging is fun and can be a very creative outlet.  All it takes is the person behind the keyboard 🙂

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