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Tommee Tippee Lil Sippee Sippers Review: Sippy Cups

We hit another milestone.  Well kinda we are actually hitting many right now with little D.  He is officially six days into being an 8 month old.   With all his new found independence he is wanting to eat and drink like a big boy.   This is partly because his two year old brother tries to share with him.  The folks over at tommee tippee sent little man his own set of explora Li’l sippee sipper cups.

exploraWhen it comes to sippy cups I have standards!   I need a simple cup with not a gazillion pieces.  The explora Li’l sippee sipper has three pieces; the cup, lid and a hygiene cap.  Love it,  I go nuts when I have multiple pieces to clean. And multiple pieces to eventually loose.
Little D had a blast with his own cup. He was getting more water out than he could handle at first, but like anything else practice makes perfect.  And with a handful of tries this kid needed no help and was holding his own.    The soft spout made it very easy for him to drink from, which is making the transition to a sippy cup during meals smooth and seriously fun.

He had a blast with his very own cup.  I’m excited that we have entered a new phase of baby-hood.  And we are both loving these sippy cups.  The simplicity of them makes them a must in my book.

Explora Lil’ Sippee Sipper features

  • Soft Spout
  • Silicone soft top works without having to  bite down on spout
  • valve integrated in spout
  • Easy-grip shape
  • All lids and handles interchangeable with other Li’l Sippees cups and Closer to Nature bottles
  • Hygiene cap
  • 10 fl oz
  • spill proof – leak proof

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I received the tommee tippee Explora Lil Sippee Sipper Cups in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts on this product.


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