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Itti Bitti Tutto Cloth Diaper Review

I heart a baby in a cloth diaper.  When I told everyone I was going to cloth diaper the boys, they thought I was crazy and imagined me fumbling with pins and diaper services.  I know cloth diapering isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it is the perfect choice.  The folks over at Itti Bitti sent us a bitti tutto, one size fits most in daiquiri.

I broke the itti bitti tutto diaper down to show you the (3) separate soaker pads that come with the diaper.  This is perfect for customizing your babies needs.  The snaps are color coded to make it easy for you to snap into place.

Take a good look at the next picture.  See that raised area on the lining that’s on the sides around the leg and bottom.   That is appropriately called the “poo fence”.  I have found this to be great for holding in the runnier poo.  It will eliminate the leak.  The hidden hip snaps make diapering those skinny minis a breeze.  No drooping or gaped waist.

The bitti tutto fits nice and snug all around.  I love the fit around the waist, thighs and bottom.  One diaper that fits from 8 lbs up to 44 lbs.   Little D is right a 29 lbs and this diaper fits perfectly snug on the medium size snaps.  The Itti Bitti’s are luxurious velvety soft diapers.  The liner is waterproof with a streamlined custom fit. No need for a waterproof cover. These are by no means bulky and are designed to be trim and fit, a great feature.  We have had the tutto in our rotation for a few weeks now and love it.  If you have any questions on my tried methods for washing and drying, leave a comment.

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