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Weekends & Family…Perfect

I’ve had a super duper weekend (so far).  I am knocking on wood for that comment.  We live a good hour away from my parents, which for me is one hour to far.  If it were up to me I would live next door to my parents.  We try to see them once a week, but sometimes its as few as once every three weeks.  Friday we had dinner with them, my brother and his girlfriend.  That’s always interesting especially since one of our three boys manages to do something crazy in public.  AJ needed to use the restroom and at the same time BJ announced he did too.  Coincidence, maybe but none the less he is in the potty training stage and any time he asks to go I will let him.  I was hesitant, but let AJ take him in the restroom.  They both come out a couple of minutes later with BJ running to our table shouting “my butts out”.  With no hesitation I reached over and pulled his pants up over his bottom.  Apparently he thought it was a good idea to pull his pants up partly and run out of the bathroom.  And yes, multiple tables saw and heard what he did.  The joys of two year olds.  This totally freaks out my 27 yr old brother and his girlfriend, I truly think my kids are there birth control.

Today was another treat, we headed over to my parents for an amazing lunch.  Fajitas, guacamole, rice, beans, corn on the cob, tortillas and apple pie for desert.    The boys swam and I got to hang with my mom, dad and hubby.

I am truly blessed and happy to have such great parents and a husband who enjoys hanging out with them just as much as I do.

Here’s a pic of DJ he will be 5 months tomorrow, time flies!


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