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Welcome to A Thrifty Diva Surviving Motherhood. I’m a San Antonio blogger with a focus on family and lifestyle.


Hola, my name is Michelle, I wear many hats as a mom of four and freelance writer. In 2010 I built a community dedicated to the modern mom and launched the blog A Thrifty Diva Surviving Motherhood. I have grown this site from an online diary to a corner of the web that supports and inspires. First and foremost I spend my days aiming to raise good human beings.

My husband and I are raising our three boys (18, 10, 8) and 2-year-old daughter in the beautiful hill country right outside of San Antonio, Texas. We have spent the past six years homeschooling our boys and just recently transitioned our senior to a private school to finish out his high school education and so that he can get the full high school experience before he enters college.  Living just outside of the city keeps us intertwined with the city I grew up in and love.

I am an experienced digital influencer with a demonstrated history of working with major brands. My goals in collaborating with brands are to give my perspective in long form freelance writing. I am skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and WordPress.

I am a big proponent of experiencing life with my children, making last memories and immersing myself in those fleeting moments.  Join me on our journey of homeschooling, travel, and blogging about my life in San Antonio, Texas.

My Story | San Antonio Blogger Michelle Cantu

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