The Good Girls Collection to All That Glitters

I am über excited to join this fabulous group of gals in an “All That Glitters” blog Circle.  So put on your shades it’s about to get bright up in here!  

And if the hubs is reading: this post is for you {wink, wink}.

I could have gone on for hours with my favorite sparklies, but as tough as it was I found my 4 must have, drool worthy, glittery things.  Yup, this post is for us too girls. 

All That Glitters

all that glitters 2


Those my friends are my four favorite “All That Glitters” things.  Really there’s not more to it than adding shimmer to your life.  Subtle or all out covered in sparkle, we love it.


1. Emerald Toms $54 

2. Chevron iPad portfolio case $45.95

3. Forever Red Shimmer $22

4. Melie Bianco ‘Stacy’ Flip Sequin Slouchy Hobo $95


Now keep the fun and glitter going by heading over to the fabulous Amanda at Petit Lapin to see all of the glittery goodness she has in store.

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