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Bebek 3-handle Trainer cup Review {evenflo}

DJ is the big 16 months and as I have mentioned before he still drinks from a bottle. I know, shame on me. But we did get him off the pacifier at 6 months. We have 2 cupboards full of sippy cups, transition cups, cups with straws, but none and I mean none take the place of the “baba”. I was thrilled to find a new transition cup on the market.  I’m getting desperate to move on from the bottle yielding baby, but cold turkey is just not my style.

Enter the Evenflo Bebek 3-handle Trainer

What I love about this cup:

Soft flexible spout that mimics a bottle.

Removable 3-grip handle.

No leaks when turned over.

BPA Free

What I don’t love:

I really wish it held over 5 ounces.  Besides that it’s been a win, win! 


DJ is actually drinking out of it and we are on day 2 of no bottle.  There really is no turning back now and I have this great transition cup to thank for it.

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Disclosure:  I received a sample product in exchange for my honest opinions.

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