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The Best Baby Dolls To Foster Imaginations

The best baby dolls Educational Insights Baby Bijoux

The Best Baby Dolls To Foster Imaginations post is sponsored by Educational Insights

We are at the age where fostering my toddlers’ imagination is what I wake up thinking about every day. Her personality is emerging and she is becoming more interested in playing and exploring. You can usually find me crawling around her room playing with her, or outside on walks while she explores with her favorite baby.

The most important tools I can give my toddler are toys that encourage her imagination. The moment Baby Bijoux entered her life I have watched her blossom. It’s amazing to watch her nurture a baby doll, pat his back, babble to him when she puts him down and give him kisses. These behaviors are all off of what she sees and her imagination to become like his mommy is incredible. The Baby Bijoux doll by far has been the best baby dolls for my daughter.
Fostering My Toddlers Imagination With Baby Bijoux from educational insights

About Baby Bijoux by Educational Insights

Educational Insights a leader in manufacturing toys that ignite passions and inspire imaginations has released two innovative new baby dolls just in time for the holidays. Beyond being crafted from the highest-quality European standards, Baby Bijoux and Baby Doux foster nurturing-care and imaginative play while exposing children to the realities of their world.

The dolls come in a wide variety of just-like-me skin-tones and ethnicities, and Baby Bijoux features anatomically correct body designs. Both dolls have just been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award for 2017.  

Imagination With Baby Bijoux from educational insights

The Baby Bijoux doll by far has been the best baby dolls for my daughter. We received the Educational Insights Baby Bijoux Asain boy doll to review. He is exceptionally made and very realistic.  My daughter doesn’t differentiate the color, race or gender of her dolls or people and I plan to keep it that way. I love that she has an Asian inspired boy doll in her collection. Baby Bijoux is an anatomically correct 15.75” doll. The doll gives us an opportunity to talk about the human body in a more natural way when we are ready or when she becomes curious. She doesn’t really know he has any other body parts under his onesie, yet, but when the time comes we can start with a simple boy and girl explanation.

It’s the perfect doll for children up to 6 years old, my 1.5-year-old just loves her baby. I love the quality of the Baby Bijoux doll and how real they look. They have the perfect little creases, soft skin (that is easy to clean) and it’s not too heavy of a doll for her to carry around. Another feature I love is that the doll has a fresh vanilla scent, she’s had this doll for over a month and the scent still lingers. 

Let's Play Imagination With Baby Bijoux from educational insights

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