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Boogie Wipes (2) packs giveaway ends 8/20

Let me start by telling you, I love stuff.  You know those extra things that you get used to and never know how you lived without it.  I have lots of this stuff!  I will sporadically hit up a store like Target, with the sole purpose of finding randomness that will make my life easier.  I am so excited to get my hands on Boogie Wipes.  An immediate “ooh… we need these,” came out of my mouth when I read the label.

With two toddler boys we have lots of boogies and I am definitely not a fan of runny noses and crusty faces.  Intrigued with the idea of a special wipe for my little guys stuffy noses, I have been eager to try them out. Boogie Wipes contain natural saline that will dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold and allergies.  They are soft and  don’t contain any harsh chemicals or smells. Available in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Minty Menthol and Simply Unscented. These are gentle, effective and have made it easier and safer to clean my kids faces.   I have been carrying this pack in my purse for a boogie moment.

boogie moment

But then the unknown happened my 11 year old was like “mom, I need those”.  I just assumed my big kid, would think these were for his baby brothers and stay away like they were the plague.  I was wrong, he immediately felt relief from a stuffy nose when he tried out the grape scented boogie wipes. 

Boogie has tons of greatness going on:

Is your class Boogietastic?  Tell us why and your class could win a year supply of Boogie Wipes and other fun prizes!  We’ll pick 3 winners – Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Gold wins a year supply of Boogie Wipes and a pizza/ice cream party for the entire class!  Silver wins a 6 month supply of Boogie Wipes and cool prizes for the entire class!  And Bronze wins a 3 month supply of Boogie Wipes and cool prizes for the entire class!  Our back to school promotion begins August 1, 2012 and ends September 30, 2012.  Watch for more information to come at www.savethesleeve.com in July.


MAKE ME A MOMPRENEUR Contest: “To submit yourself or someone you know for the Little Busy Bodies’ “ Make Me Mompreneur” contest please email a 1000-word or less explanation of your business, difficulties you are facing, the success you have had and why you need/deserve a mentoring session with Julie to boogiemoms@boogiewipes.com. One lucky winner will be chosen on August 1, 2012. The winner will receive a daylong mentoring session with Julie in the winner’s hometown.”


NEW PRODUCTS! 45 count packs of FRESH scent Boogie Wipes are now available at Target stores nationwide!  90 count canisters are available now in most major retailers like Target, Walmart and BabiesRUs.  Boogie Blasters  in a 12 count pack of Berry scented wipes, available at Walmart and Kroeger stores!


COMING SOON! 10 count pack of Boogie Wipes in Fresh and Grape.  New Boogie Blasters scents. Snot Your Average Kid contest winners to be featured on our Fall 2012 Canisters, which will also include a 90 count Simply Unscented canister!


SAVE THE SLEEVE!  Our on-going promotion is called Save The Sleeve!  It’s a fun, interactive way for kids to learn to put their boogies in a Boogie Wipe and not on their sleeves!  You can learn more at SaveTheSleeve.com


TEACHER KITS: Perfect for classroom boogies!  This kit contains 2 – 90 count canisters (1 Grape, 1 Fresh), 2 – 30 count packs (Grape, Fresh), 1 classroom poster, 50 samples, and 50 Boogie coupons.  It is available, exclusively, for schools, daycares, and professional facilities.  For purchase information please visit:  LittleBusyBodies.com .

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Boogie Wipes is giving (1) ATD fan  (2) packs of 30-count wipes (fresh, grape, menthol, or unscented

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