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Canyon Lake Young Divers Program Discount

Canyon Lake Young Divers

Canyon Lake Young Divers

 Canyon Lake Young Divers Program 

Get that young person into a sport that teaches them about the underwater world. After all, over 70% of the earth’s surface is water. With Seal Team, your young diver will learn to dive responsibly while having the time of their young lives. Seal Team “Missions” are set up to allow a young diver the opportunity to advance from one level to the next, with Seal Team Scuba Camps held during school breaks (Christmas, Easter, Spring Break and summer vacation) Every Seal Team member gets a valuable Certificate of Completion at each level, which allows him to pass to the next level at huge discounts. Competition games help members to work efficiently in buddy teams to complete their “Mission” C’mon Mom and Dad, what are you waiting for? Canyon Lake Young  Divers Events are held for ages 8-12 Bubble Maker and Seal Team for 10-14 yr olds on the same dates. 

The Next Canyon Lake Seal Team Mission takes off March 12th 2013.  Who’s ready to join us as we show our children more of what life has to offer.  We are thrilled to give our son this opportunity. 

All aboard NOW!!You can see more info on the campground  and more info on the scuba camps.


 Seal Team Mission 4-7 March 12, 2013 159.00
Offering PADI Seal Team Missions during Christmas break, spring break and summer vacation for children ages 10-14 yrs. old. When your child completes all 11 missions they will be PADI Certified Jr Divers. In order to complete all 11 missions they need to attend each camp. Christmas and Spring break camps are two day camps (2 missions each day).
 Summer Scuba Camps are a full 5 days and include 4 open water dives in Comal River in order to complete requirements to receive their full PADI Jr. Scuba Diver certification


$25 off PADI Scuba Camps coupon.


Canyon Lake Young Divers

Canyon Lake young Divers

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