Finding Balance with Angel Soft

 Finding Balance with Angel Soft We all know I am thrifty, as thrifty as one could be.  I make a bee line to the clearance sections, organize my online shopping by "least expensive", shop daily deal sites and always silently say to myself "I can make that" - instead of buying

FRAM Air Filters Spring Cleaning your Vehicle

FRAM Air Filters Spring Cleaning your Vehicle It's officially Spring, even though the weather may still not be all sunshine and flip flops for everyone just yet.  You probably have two things on the brain right now, Spring cleaning (i.e. hiding all of your sweaters and pulling out your sandals) and

Staples: Shed, Shred and Get Ahead

Staples Shed, Shred and Get Ahead in 2013 Does your desk look anything like mine? This is a weekly thing around here.  A mix of work, mail and papers that I am scared to trash.  My organization goes something like this.  Keep pile, trash pile, and an umm... I'll deal with it

The Fairy Hobmother stopped by

  Do you believe in magical places,  fairy tales, or even a fairy hobmother?     I must say that there is a part of me that misses out on all of the magical stuff that goes along with having a daughter.  My three boys wouldn't dare let me sprinkle fairy dust into their

Washing Tips! Bold Moms Break the Rules of White!

Washing Tips! Bold Moms Break the Rules of White! It's no secret, I hate bleach.  The harsh smell gives me a headache and if you accidentally spill it on something you love... It's RUINED.  I also hate that you tend to smell like a swimming pool if you use even a little

I am 2x Stronger! Are You? Win $25 Target GC #AngelSoft

  I am participating in the 2x stronger Angel Soft Campaign.  Thinking back on myself being 2x stronger I thought I'd share with you a story about my struggle with being strong.   Brody my now four year old broke his humerus.  Kids break bones right, no big deal?  Except that there is

Furniture Redo’s Giani Granite Desk and Chevron Glue Gun Fun

I have been obsessed with faux looks and am so excited to get my hands on Giani Granite paint.  It's been a furniture redo kinda month around here. Fitting that January brought on the need to change things up.  I started with this desk that somehow ended up at our

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

It's been a crazy week and we are trying out Palmolive Fresh Infusions. I have been majorly busy this past week.  That two week break from homeschool was what I needed to get refocused but boy our work load has increased.  AJ is gearing up for testing and I want him

Trident Layers My Life was on autopilot #seewhatunfolds

See what unfolds with trident layers This week has been one of those weeks straight out of the movie Ground Hog Day.  Where my life just sort of repeats itself.  From the moment I wake up I have felt the same overpowering ache in my lower back.  My co-sleeping has taken

Win 2 tickets Craftsy Quilt Cruise

Quilting with friends on a cruise!  Sound like fun?  Craftsy’s first-ever Quilt Cruise will be leaving the dock on March 23, 2013, for a week-long Caribbean vacation full of your favorite pastime. Join instructors Carol Ann Waugh, Weeks Ringle, Pam Holland, and Sue Bouchard on the high seas to learn