All Star Week Begins

It is the first week of All Stars for our town's Little League.  The time of year where all of our energy (good and bad) is poured into days of baseball.  We spend countless hours every day at the baseball field and you know what, we love it that way.

Nursing Mama’s best friend Undercover Mama

Nursing Mama's Best Friend Undercover Mama When it comes to breastfeeding there are quite a few factors that go into getting the job done.  Whether you are in the presence of strangers, family or home lifting your shirt to feed your child doesn't have to be so complicated. Disclosure: This post is

Getting in Shape after Pregnancy

 Getting in Shape after Pregnancy It's time to take care of me.  Worry about my health and get fit.  Oh yeah, and change out that wardrobe.  No more layers, I am packing up the sweaters, pulling out my wedges and sandals, because it's SPRING!  After getting pregnant with Dominic, I haven't

It’s officially Potty Training Time

It's officially Potty Training Time Today Dominic turns 26 months and the milestone's are passing me quicker than I can keep up.  My husband and I are watching our baby turn into a big boy before our eyes.  The potty training a boy tips I posted about have been in full use. Our kiddo

Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Bedroom Ideas I was slightly sad when my pre-teen told me he wanted a more grown up room.  It's not that he doesn't deserve a new look.  I just didn't like the growing up part, oh and the adorable anchor bedroom set he currently uses.  It's so sweet, but I

Pull-Ups Potty Training a Family Affair

Pull-Ups Potty Training A Family Affair Last month I shared with you my tips on potty training a boy.  Now that our little guy is two we have started preparing for the next phase in his life.  Luckily we have been through this before, twice.  But the one thing I have

Potty Training a Boy Tips

This is my sweet Dom at 24 months. I have been dreaming of not purchasing diapers for a while now. It's just not fun changing a two year old's diaper and potty training a boy seems more enticing everyday.  I took a look back at my older two who really just

The Childrens Place Bunny Love Gift 1/22 – 1/31

 The Childrens Place We are loosing those winter blues by gearing up for some fun in the sun.  In a few short weeks the kids will be saying hello to Spring.  My guy is already counting down the weeks until his next school break {7 more to be exact}.   The Childrens

Back to School Styles Cookie’s Kids

Back to School Styles It's time to fall back into the routine of school with back to school styles.  It's amazing how fast my little guy grows and outgrows his wardrobes.  Back to School this winter meant a new Winter Wardrobe to take us into spring.  I am always on the

How to get beautiful skin

How to get beautiful skin You don't have to be a newborn to have baby soft skin.  It's true even my four year old seems to be loosing that precious beautiful skin we crave.  How to get beautiful skin has been my mission.  Can I have the skin back that