Breast Milk and Formula Deciding Which is Best

Breast Milk and Formula deciding which is best The easy answer to deciding between breast milk and formula is there is NO right or wrong.  What is best for one baby is not best for another.  My best answer is to follow your heart and do what you feel is best

The 2013 Weekly Household Planner Printable

How do you manage your home? Do you wing it and fly by the seat of your pants on a daily bases? Or do you set up to do lists, schedules and grocery lists in different places? This new year I encourage you to run a smooth stress-free haven for

It’s all about Plaid

There is always room for plaid, right?  It seems these days I am not playing it so safe in the clothing department.  Traveling outside of the matchy - matchy styles and going for bolder trendy looks.  I even pair browns and blacks together {gasp, I know}.  There are rules to

When You Say Thank You, Mean It… Parenting book Review

Instilling life long lessons in my children is the biggest goal I have as their mother.  I want them to genuinely be gentleman, role models and amazing people.  After reading "When You Say Thank You Mean It" by Mary O'Donohue, I was intrigued that these where practical tips my family of five

Poncho de Anda y Huggies #HuggiesLatino

 I had the grand pleasure of doing a teleconference with the magnificent Mexican TV personality and father of two, Poncho de Anda last week.  Poncho has partnered with Huggies, to share tips, advice and webisodes on tackling the everyday stresses and messes of parenthood.  Poncho is a charismatic, proud and

FabKids Girls 3-piece outfit $25 +free shipping

If you have a little girl in your life you must check out FabKids, buy a complete FabKids outfit for just $25! That means you get a perfectly styled 3-piece outfit -- that normally retails for $49.95 -- for nearly half off!   FabKids, is a Monthly Outfit Club For Stylish

Pampers Gifts To Grow

baby post pampers points

Are you collecting Pampers gifts to grow points? Join Pampers Rewards program and receive 100 free points toward your purchase of Pampers goods. Save money with exclusive coupons and receive a weekly, customized email, tailored to each stage of your pregnancy or your baby's development. Pampers products codes can be redeemed for amazing

Kids and Public Bathrooms…eek Potty Cover Giveaway

I try really hard to not ever use public restrooms, my kids on the other hand find it quite essential to scope out the plumbing at every public place within our range.  I worry about germs, and everything else a public bathroom encompasses.  Naturally as a mom I fret over

Star Wars Costume Review {Child Darth Vader}

Star Wars is one of those timeless science fiction classics that will go on for generations.  My now eleven year old grew up a huge Star Wars fan.  Now my three year old, whom I really hadn't spoken much of Star Wars too, took to his new Darth Vader costume

From bottle to Sippy Cup

  I have a confession to make.  My 15 month old is still drinking out of a bottle.  Yup, I'm that mom.  As much as I want to have him stay a "baby" forever, I realize a kid running around with a bottle in his mouth is doing nothing for his