Pawtizer Dog Sanitizer Giveaway ends 6/24

We love our dogs just about as much as we love our kids, don't tell my boys though, jealousy is kicking in these days.  They are indoor - outdoor dogs and love to venture off on our property and do all that fun dog stuff.  Dig in the dirt, roll

Prom Girl Formal Dress’s for all Occasions

I wish I could go back to Prom!  I would do at least 500 things differently.  From my prom date to my prom dress it would all be tweaked.  Really though, the most important part of Prom for every girl is how you look...period.  Everything else is just part of

My Scent Essence review & $15 Giveaway ends 6/25

I think I have owned every product on the market that is made to fragrance your home.  I have been happy with quite a few, but none ever really stay around to long and I move on to a different plugin, candle or spray.  A couple of years back I

Mario Olives Snack Size Pouches Review

In our house we are total snack lovers.  I try really hard to get creative and find tasty yet healthy alternatives for my family.  My newest addiction, olives.  Yup, I know what your thinking that's a weird family snack.  Mario Olives has made it easy to snack on these bad

Moda Xpress Fashion Trends

Moda Xpress Fashion trends for Spring! As we all know I love clothes!  My favorite part of getting ready  is mixing expensive quality pieces with trendy pieces that I can actually afford.  I am excited to bring you Moda Xpress.  An online store with fashion forward styles.  Moda Xpress is a

Just For Men Auto Stop Hair Color

Just For Men Auto Stop Hair Color Review  Here is something you might not know about me, I went to Cosmetology School.  I was having one of those what am I going to do with my life moments and my parents where on me to not miss another semester of college.

Olivers Kid’s Labels Review

Has your little one ever lost a single shoe out in public?   My first son had the most adorable Robeez crib shoes.  One evening, I realized we had lost one while out to dinner.  We retraced our steps from the car to the restaurant and could not figure out where

My Ubby itty bitty Blanket Review & Giveaway end 3/18

  I wish there was a touch me feature on our computer screens.  DJ received his completely customized myubby "itty bitty" blanket and it is now his favorite cuddly security blanket.  I chose a bubbly fabric in mocha and the swirly fabric in chocolate, the green satin finish and green embroidery

Zooper Waltz Stroller Review & Giveaway Ends 3/6

Zooper is running an amazing fundraising campaign for Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital, who help 100,000s of children every year and also provide research to work towards cures for many child illnesses. For every NEW Facebook and Twitter  fan they receive from now until the end of February Zooper will  donate $1