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CordCruncher No tangling earphones review

I wish I could give you a visual of what I look like at night in bed with my iPad, earbuds and two sleeping guys (my hubby and 17 month old, yes we co-sleep), but that would require my camera, a flash and two mad guys.  So you have to visualize my madness at night.  It’s when I surf facebook, pinterest, twitter and get inspired for my next day of posts all while listening to pandora.  Once the guys fall asleep I have to be extra careful not to make a peep, no shuffling around and no tapping on a keyboard. 

Enter the cordcruncher, a tangle-free headphone that saves me from fumbling around with those pesky cords on my headphones.

This is that item that makes life easier {love those}.  I actually pass these on to my son when he hits the gym.  They are very versatile and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet when not in use.

The obvious of course, no tangling cords!  The easy to release cord is in an elastic sleeve allowing you to adjust the length of the cord.   They come in 4 colors – Pearl Blue, Matte Black, Rocket Red, and iGizmo White.  This is a gift you can give anyone and they will love it.



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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this post. All thoughts expressed are my own and may not represent those of CordCruncher or others.

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