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Surviving The Toddler Diaper Change With Nice N’ Clean Baby Wipes #NicenCleanAtHEB

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Toddler life is blissful and exhausting. We are still very well in the diaper stage, but my daughter is showing signs that potty training is in our near future. As I tackle the idea of hitting a new stage, I am still not ready to push her into new territory until I know we are both very comfortable with the new stage. Diaper changes are a great time to see where you stand on the potty idea. Today I sat with a diaper and Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes in hand and let her take the wheel on if she needs a diaper change or not. It sounds silly, but it’s a great time to start getting her to understand that she will have a lot less uncomfortableness if she takes a moment to let me change her. If she is busy playing, I come up with a new plan that we can have after her diaper is changed. Playing play-doh, reading a book together or going for a walk to grab the mail. She knows that if the next plan of action is more fun, she will oblige to a diaper change and mama doesn’t have to struggle with a toddler diaper change tantrum.

Our favorite wipes Nice 'N Clean

Diaper changes have been interesting from the very moment we brought our baby home. It took us a few days before we realized just how sensitive her skin was. This began our need for making sure that anything that even touched her skin was going to keep it healthy and rash free. Unwanted chemicals are a big red flag for us and the health of her skin. I am extremely satisfied with the Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes ability to tackle messes while being safe on my baby’s skin.

Diaper Changes with Nice N' Clean Baby Wipes #NicenCleanAtHEB

These wipes are made of 100% plant-based fibers (TENCEL®). There thickness and absorbency mean I can tackle diaper changes with less waste. Made with 99% purified water, no alcohol, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or chlorine my daughter is getting a gentle, hypoallergenic wipe that cleans her bottom with ease. Diaper changes are definitely more relaxing when my baby isn’t being subjected to a rough wipe.

They are so soft and rewarding that it’s a bonus to find them at my local H-E-B in three different size options. If you are like me and enjoy stocking up you can find the 384 count box of Green Tea Cucumber wipes or the 336 count of sensitive wipes at your local HEB to purchase Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes today!

Toddler Diaper Change With Nice N' Clean Baby Wipes

How do you know your toddler is ready to potty train? Listen for cues. We talk to each other a lot, I find it especially rewarding when I give my daughter a chance to understand what’s going on with her body. Talking about potty time has given her a handle on what is going on. She has started to say “I pooped” before I even realize she has. This is a great time to start encouraging her to tell me before she goes. I let her know that going potty is easy. “I’m taking your brother potty/or I am going potty be right back”, helps her understand that potty time is not a nagging occurrence. I reinforce that if she needs to go potty I can take her and we can use the big girl seat. Being a big kid is starting to be a very exciting goal for her. She loves a high five followed by a good job big girl. Have a routine that your toddler becomes familiar with. Diaper changes happen first thing in the morning and my daughter already knows the drill. She doesn’t fight me on it, because it means right after we can go get her cup of milk and she can head into the playroom while I make her breakfast.

Head to your local HEB to purchase my favorite Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes today!


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8 thoughts on “Surviving The Toddler Diaper Change With Nice N’ Clean Baby Wipes #NicenCleanAtHEB

  1. I’m glad you found a nice gentle wipe for your daughter! We used washcloths on our kids because the wipes were too harsh for them, except for when we traveled.

  2. I will let my daughter know about this so she can ditch the one she uses for her baby. I love all natural products and those made from organic/natural sources. This looks like it is gentle and yet will do the job well.

  3. I haven’t heard of these wipes, but I remember the toddler days and going through a million wipes! It’s nice when you find a product like this that is so convenient and makes life easier.

  4. Having the right wipes is a must with toddlers and babies! I do not have kids in diapers anymore but still keep wipes around for any messes or sticky hands.

  5. I like to keep a package of wipes in the car when we travel and for when my hubby has mishaps with his coffee – lol. They really come in handy for just about anything, anywhere. I will definite check out the Nice ‘n Clean brand. (Your daughter and puppy photo is too cute!)

  6. I use baby wipes for everything but changing diapers now. As a mom, you quickly realize how handy those things are in general, ha!

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