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Want to make easy money from brands like Mio, Planters, jello and more?  Here is a great new program by Jingit.

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It’s easy! Use your Facebook account to sign in.  Go HERE, on the bottom right corner it will say  “Sign in with Jingit to get paid now”.  click the facebook login.  My facebook wouldn’t load if you have that issue just click jingit right next to the facebook login. Fill out the missing fields and you are signed up.

Earn real cash from brands you know.
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I did some major research before signing up.  I have seen good reviews and payouts are being made.  This is not a get rich quick program in anyway.  It is a way to make extra money and you only have to be 13 to sign up.

I’m currently making $12.54 an hour watching commercials and giving feedback with multiple choice type answers.  So easy my kids could do it!

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