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How To Make Easter Memorable For Kids

Tips on How To Make Easter Memorable For Kids

How do you make Easter memorable for kids? My children are at the age where they countdown to every special event in our lives. Multiple times a day for about a week my five-year old has asked, how many days until Easter? You would think that the constant reminder would have me completely ready for Easter Sunday. Nope, not the case. In true frazzled mom fashion, I haven’t done much to prepare. Our yearly Easter bunny photo hasn’t happened. I have one of three baskets ready… the list goes on.  I took a moment tonight to think about all of the traditions I want to include this year. I love giving my boys something to look forward to year after year. I also have a lot of these same memories of being a child and having these tradition with my parents and brother. Here’s how we will make Easter memorable for kids this year.

How To Make Easter Memorable For Kids 

Easter Bunny

This is an easy memorable Easter Tradition. I have a photo of each of my kids with the Easter bunny for every year. One day they will stop wanting to take that picture, but until then we head to our local mall and have pictures taken. 

Dye Eggs 

Grab a dozen eggs, hard boil and dye them. This is a tradition everyone does, right?! My kids love to do this and they turn out to be a good addition to lunches throughout the week. 

Hard boil eggs and let them cool completely. Use food coloring and a teaspoon of white vinegar mixed together in a bowl to submerge and dye the eggs. Grab some fine point markers and let your kids go to town decorating.  

Easter Basket

It’s not as much of a surprise to my children anymore, but it is a tradition to get an Easter basket every year. We leave a carrot out for him the night before and he leaves the perfect little boys Easter basket at the door. 

Easter Breakfast

Easter breakfast is special in our home. I make my kids favorite french toast, bacon, eggs and chocolate milk. This is our special occasion breakfast.

Easter Egg Hunt

Look for Easter egg hunts going on in the city. 

Here are a few great one’s going on in the Alamo City.

Friday 6 PM Mays Family YMCA Free Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny.

Saturday, 8 AM Six Flags Fiesta Texas Easter Egg Hunt to the first 100 guests. 

Saturday 9 AM Morgan’s Wonderland Free Easter Egg Hunt.

Share the Easter Story

We celebrate Easter Sunday by going to our church services, but even reading an Easter book or sharing the story of why you celebrate the day. It’s extra special for us to talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a great way for my children to have a better understanding for all of the days celebrations. 

Family Fun

Easter day is dedicated to visiting family and bbq. Have a pot luck family dinner and have your own scavenger Easter hunt. Try a kids and Adult only hunt. Let the kids hide the Adult eggs filled with a few dollar bills and candy. For the kids we do quarters and candy. 

Dessert S’Mores


Take your average s’more up a notch with Peeps in place of marshmallows. This is a fun way to end Easter with a family bonfire. 

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Tips on how to make Easter memorable for kids.

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