How To be Happy

Breaks over! I am refreshed, revived and ready to bring it. I thought about publishing this post as part of my January 1st resolutions, but truly why hold off on sharing with you the changes I am making. There is no time like the present to be a better version of me. My husband and I always say to each other that we can always improve in life. Be better people, lovers and parents. At the end of the day we can always love each other more and be better versions of who we were yesterday. Today I am sharing how to be happy and be a better version of you. 

Happiness truly is a state of mind. Sure things wont always be perfect and life will literally throw lemons at you. Life doesn’t always go our way and life isn’t always fair. The best thing about life is that you can control your destiny and you should. 
how to be happy

Being happy is hard work. The saying “the best never rest” holds true these days. I am working harder to exceed the expectations I have for myself. No more excuses on why I am not following my dreams. Happiness comes as you see your quality of work surpass what is expected. Even with failure I sleep better knowing that I tried. 
happy don't compare yourself
The only person I am trying to be better than these days, is the person I was yesterday. Thanks to my husband that little light bulb went off and I now see how important it is to be myself,  believe in myself. I am enjoying the journey of who I am.
happy nurture your relationships
Give attention to your friendships, family, neighbors… Those that are important to you need to know they can always count on you. I make it a point to make that phone call or at least a text. I don’t always have time to slow down for lunch with my girlfriends, but I do make it a point to make sure they are doing okay.
happy inspire through giving
Showing compassion to others provides a state of happiness to you and the receiver. The giving season is just about wrapped up, November and December hold the highest regard as the giving season. I am making giving more about a life long commitment to doing simple acts of kindness. People naturally become inspired to give back and happiness ensues. Holding the door, unhooking one of those dreaded shopping carts for the person behind you. Sometimes you can just slow down and do something polite.
happy put your self first
At the end of the day without you there is no happy. Pay extra attention to your health. Do weekly things for yourself. A haircut, manicure, a me time trip to the store. Take a little time to do what you love.
happy don't just dream big.
Everyone says dream big, but following your dreams is far more important. If you aren’t putting goals in place to ultimately achieve your dreams there is no sense in dreaming big. You can choose to dream big, but you must have the dedication to reach that dream.

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